Before a Promotions Form can be submitted, the appropriate Pastor or Ministry Coordinator must approve all requests. These include, but are not limited to, event title, pricing, promotional materials, location, and day(s) event will take place. All communication will be measured by business days.

Inquiries must be completed at least six weeks before the in-hands date. For a proper campaign, we advise your in-hands date to be six weeks before the event.

The Communications Team will have all final decisions on aesthetics and marketing options. All ministries and events must be in uniform with the Gateway brand and reflect it appropriately. Promotional materials will be produced by and only by the Communications Team.

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Event Date
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In-Hands Date
Inquiries must be completed at least six weeks prior to in-hands date.
Expected attendance for your event should be a proven and realistic estimate. Your tier will be subject to change if recorded attendance does not exemplify expected attendance.
The TV is exclusive to event tiers three and above. In no more than four sentences, please provide the important details of your event. A good place to start is by answering the following with your script: What is the event called and when is it? What is the purpose for this event? What can be expected at the event? How much does it cost and where can I purchase tickets?